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Curriculum Vitae

Frank Jørgenvaag

Updated: 08.12.2017 (2 months ago)

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school Graduated at NTNU
cake 34 years old (07.05.83)
event Available - Part Time
person_pin_circle Trondheim, Norway
favoriteCivil Status: Unmarried
face Kids: None

language Languages
  • Norwegian starstarstarstarstar
  • Englishstarstarstarstarstar
  • Germanstarstar star_halfstar_borderstar_border

verified_user Licences & Authorizations
  • Drivers Licence Car(2002) Kl. B
  • Authorized Watchman(2003)
  • Drivers Licence Forklift(2008) T-1-2-3-4
  • Hunters Licence(2010)
  • Authorized Occupational Therapist(2016)
  • Medication Management(2017)
  • Boat Licence(2017)

filter_vintage Hobbies & Interests
  • computer Computes Everything that has to do with computers
  • music_note MusicPlaying, Making & Listening (Piano & Drums)
  • photo_camera PhotographyPhotography, Timelapse & Drone Videography
  • directions_run ExercisingRunning, Bicycling, Swimming & Strength Exercises
  • restaurant CookingMaking good food for myself, friends and family
  • terrain OutdoorsHiking, Climbing, Fishing, Boating & Tenting
  • directions_car Cars/DrivingDriving, Roadtrips & Car-Repairs
work What work am i looking for?

At the moment I am working two jobs. One in Trondheim Kommune as a Occupational Therapist/Environmental Therapist where I work weekends, and another job as a technichian for a firm that produces it's own technology in the fish industry. I am looking for webdesign/webprograming jobs on the side. Please do not hesitate to contact me about either. Use the contact form in the hire me tab, or shoot me a mail by clicking the mail icon above.

assignment_ind What can I do for you?

I always have the individual in focus, asking them what is the most important aspects of their lives. I am a guy that has learned updated and relevant theory about the field of occupational therapy. I know and can perform multiple mapping tools for young as well as old. I can also be the guy you come to with any and all IT trouble you might have, and I will most likely be able to solve it with/for you.

short_text Short About Me

I am a guy in his early thirties, born, raised and currently lives in Trondheim. IT technology has always been a passion of mine, but about 6 years ago, I decided that I didn't wan't to work with computers the rest of my life, but rather my fellowman, so I went back to school studying occupational therapy. See the timeline tab for full details.

insert_emoticon Personal Traits
Good Mood
Easily Learned
Technical Abilities
forum Social Skills
mouse Computer Skills
Microsoft Office
format_list_bulleted OT Related
Focus on the Individual
Welfare Technology
Sunnaas ADL Index and Barthel Index
GripIt, GAT
MMSE, RBMT, Trandex
Ethics & Morality
Aid Assessment

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Frank Child

Me, in the early years

I was born

The year was 1983, when spam was just a canned food and Michael Jackson's Thriller video is aired on MTV for the first time. Little me was a happy boy with a eagerness to explore the world around me.

7th of May 1983
Frank in primary school Frank in primary school

Me, in primary school with braces

Started primary school

As a shy boy, with not many friends, I went through primary school. And as most kids with bracers, they tend to get teased alot. But what doesen't kill you...

August 1990 - June 1999
Frank highschool Frank highschool

In my years in highschool

Highschool was next

Straight after primary school I started highschool at Tiller VGS, where I studied "Allmenne økonomiske og administrative fag". This is where I made my first of several, well let's call them "career missteps". The second year I chose to study mathematics, physics and chemistry, but just because my friend studied economics, I asked to switch courses. Bad move. Not only because I have no interest in economics, but because math and physics are a condition for applying for every engineering study.

August 1999 - June 2002
Frank in the army Frank in the army

In the army after a exercise

Time for me to join the army

Time was come to get drafted into the army. I got my choice of where to go, and my choice was a infantryman in the inner parts of Troms county where I thrived. But due to an inflammation in my leg, I was moved to the communications battalion in the same county. Luckily for me, I got to share one year of my life with some great people. My second "career misstep", was that I should have stayed longer, and maybe gotten an education there aswell.

August 2002 - June 2003
Matter HiST

Engineer course at HiST

Preparatory course for engineer studies

This was my third "misstep". When I got home from the army, the due date for applying for school had already passed, but they offered a half year course of mathematics and physics, as a precourse for engieering studies. So I thought it's better to do that than to just sit home and wait for next years admissions. The teacher told the class that the course was so intense, over 90% of the class would fail the exams. Well, I was one of those.

August 2003 - June 2004
My first job My first job

My first real job

My first real job was as a tire fitter at Nokian Dekk AS

So, a little later that same year, I got my first real paying job as a tirefitter at Nokian Dekk AS on Tiller. The job consisted mostly of tire studding and a few other things, and I was payed per tire. So the faster I worked, the more I earned.

September - December 2003
My first job My first job

Back again

Back again as a tire fitter at Nokian Dekk AS

They where satisfied with my job the first time, so they hired me the next season aswell, with more of the same.

July - September 2004
Programming Project HIST

An actual screenshot of a project in my programming class

Distance learning bachelor in information technology

As my thoughts at the time were that computers was the thing I would work with for the rest of my life, I applied for a bachelors degree online through HIST. I thought that would give me more than enough time to pursue other things in my life, since I wouldn't have to travel to school all the time. Well, I was wrong, and frankly, I didn't have enough disipline for it in the long run. Having net meetings all the time with other people in the course, getting blamed for every single thing that went wrong in our projects, was no fun at all.

August 2004 - June 2005
Last time here Last time here

Back for the last time at Nokian Dekk

Back again for the last time as a tire fitter at Nokian Dekk AS

This was he last season I went back to work for Nokian Dekk.

July - September 2005
php code

I started getting interested in web programming

Right about here was where i started getting the feel for programmming and webdesign

I started tinkering around with PHP, Javascript & mySQL, and made my first "blog" even before the term was popularized.

August 2005
php code php code

With a bit shorter hair, I started on NTNU for further IT studies

Onward to the university to study Informatics Language and Culture

Still, the only thoughts in my mind was that computers was the only thing worth working with. So I tried my luck once again on the university this time. Also, I thought going to a physical shcool again would help. Well, I was right about that, but the bachelors degree named "Informatics, Language & Culture", turned out to be a pilot project and was cancelled after one year.

August 2005 - June 2006
fokuskvartalet skanska as

I worked for a while at Skanska AS, as a handyman

Handyman at Skanska AS

In October the same year, while still part time going to school, a friend of mine got me a job at the firm he recently had started in as a handyman at a big building project in Trondheim they had called Fokuskvartalet. The job was merging and old building with a new one, turning it into a bank as it is today. It was an awesome but hard job, and well worth the experience.

October 2006 - February 2007
Frank 2012 Krigsvoll

With bleached hair and a good workmans attitude, I started working for Krigsvoll AS

Started as a logistics operator at Krigsvoll AS

Another friend of mine got me a job at Krigsvoll AS. There I worked for many years with mostly logistics and computerwork. I even got elected as trustee for my coworkers. Though the work envoiroment was very nice, I knew I didn't want to work there for the rest of my life. Originally, the plan was just to work 1 year to pay of my student loans, but one year turned into 5.

August 2007 - July 2012

A brave move quitting my full time job to start improving my grades

A course correction! Started at Sonans Private Gymnasium to improve grades

The time had come for a course correction in life. I had finally found out that I did not want to work with computers for the rest of my life, but rather with fellow human beings in any way I can. Taking an education to that goal was my plan. Sonans however, became my misstep number five. It costs about 100.000 kr for a whole year there with all the subjects, and I thought I would be able to get a student loan while studying there. Turns out, I had used up all my chances for that in my earlier attempts on studying. So no student loan ment that I couln't afford to live, ergo I had to go back to my old job while trying to combine it with the studies. Because of that I had to drop a few subjects. Let's put it this way, I was a very good customer to Sonans. Anyways, I ended up with better grades in some subjects, which in turn got me into the occupational therapy bachelor program.

August 2012 - June 2013
ergostudent NTNU

Studying occupational therapy was one the best choices I have made in my life

Started university (NTNU) for a bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy

So this was one of the best choices i've taken in my life, sitting down on the schoolbench studying something human related instead of computer related. Three awesome years with some of the nicest fellow students one could ask for, nice teachers and practice periods in every field of occupational therapy, made it a choice I could be proud of.

August 2013 - June 2016

Sadly, after finishing my bachelors degree I went back to the place I started working before my studies

Back again to Krigsvoll AS

As the school was done, I applied for a masters degree in "Activity and Movement", and while waiting for the reply on that, I got back to working for Krigsvoll, where I had also been working part time while studying the last 3 years. I got accepted into the masters program, but I had to decline due to economical reasons. That is also the reason that I continued to work there after I finished school.

pages.june 2016 present day
Frank 2012

How I look today. Taken in May 2017

Right here, right now

Here, with a lot longer beard than when I started, I currently have two jobs, but I am still looking for webdesign / programming jobs on the side. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need anything. Please click here


All contact info for the employer will be given either by phone or mail.

More to come in this section...

Østmarka Psychiatric Hospital

This is my longest practice, 3 months, where I got to work with youth with psychosis and other psychological health problems. I based my thesis on this practice period.

Their Website

Occupational Therapy Service Heimdal

Here I got to work in Trondheim municipal trying many aspects of what it means working as a occupational therapist in a municipal.

Their Website

Heimdal Living and Activity Offers

A student practice where I got to work with people with different mental disabilities in some form. Very interesting and with a great learning value.

Their Website

Krigsvoll AS

Here I have worked on and off for the past 10 years, currently on, but looking for a job.

Their Website

pages.challa fotball

A website for Charlottenlund fotball club, done in Wordpress and Sportspress.

Their Website
contact_phone Contact Information

Phone: +47 907-49-746


work hire me

If you want to contact me regarding anything, preferably a job, for now you can use the contact info on the left. A contact form will be added to this page soon to make life easier for you.